The simple pleasures of life. Putting on a great pair of socks in the morning to start your day. Wear flannel trousers and brown loafers. Get into a train. Listen to Einaudi or Trance. Your feet are cushioned, you will feel comfortable. Every time your trousers slide up when you cross your legs, you might take a look at your great socks - Red, Orange, Green, Spotted, Herringbone or Houndstooth - it might put a smile on your face - it may give you a little boost at 4 pm. 

Things may not be ideal, but at least your socks are great. That is reassuring. 

You don’t want happy socks or silly socks. You want socks which are great quality, made from 100% natural fabrics, which are soft and gentle, they are not wacky or silly but you can express some eccentricity through them. They are discreet. One only gets a glimpse every now and then. You know they are there. Others can only get a glance and boy would they love them! 

But it is not about them, it is never about them. 

A gentleman is comfortable in his skin, wearing whatever he wants to wear with an air of nonchalance - Sprezzatura. 

You do it for yourself.